Saturday, 28 January 2012

Pieces of the puzzle!

This is my first try at making resin jewellery and have to say I am hooked on the concept, I just need to buy/make myself some molds and get cracking on some beautiful pieces.

Embedding resin is sold at most larger hardware stores, mixed as a 2 part base, almost anything can be added to give an original finished product.

For these puzzle pieces I have used a silicone ice tray from IKEA.
The beads and buttons were in easy reach in my stash of supplies and fit the theme nicely.
On the back of the piece is a "brooch clasp" bought from spotlight.

Thankyou to my fellow "artist", my niece Krista for the fun we had making these. xx

My next project is love hearts filled with 100's and 1000's on a necklace pendant, lets hope the kiddies love them!



  1. These are real COOL Peta! I love the idea for your next lot!

  2. What a cool idea Peta...I'll have to rush off to IKEA and get myself some of those molds! Perhaps you can explain HOW to do it too.