Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Pay it forward

I have been lucky enough to be involved in a "handmade, pay it forward" through Facebook.

Once I accepted a handmade gift from a friend I then had to post the same status, offering to make handmade gifts for the first 5 respondants, who would then in turn offer up thier own handmade goods. I ended up making some extras for good luck.............and good karma? lol

Here is what I came up with, custom-made to suit the friend, using their colour of choice.

This is a continuation of some polyurethane jewellery I have been experimenting with.

I finished the gift off by attaching it to a trading card, made using a collage photocopy coloured using blue and coral acrylics and applied using a credit card, swiped over the black and white image.

Tim Holtz stamps were applied in blue denim as a background and the foreground is black Stazon and the same dusted on all edges.

Anyone wanting the details of how the rings were made do let me know.


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